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oera night's decisions

decisions on opera night
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Dreams of Pink Pumps in the Jungle

Pink Pumps
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Bright & beautiful just like Naniz

Naniz...production!* - by gallopinto on

Is raining is poring - Lets shop!

Is raining in the Caribbean....again! Well yes but I have better things to do than sit and clean my nostrils ;(

I just don't think is worth complaining any more. We need to cope and start putting our bottled up energy to some good. Something fun entertaining, maybe. Here! I just found this web site! It will do the trick. You won't be able to stop...I'm telling you. Get your cleaning and lunch all prepared before you get started.

Warning this is only for frustrated fashionists stuck in the jungle. ha,ha,ha.

This is Great stuff

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Launch Day

I sit here after tierd of walking! everyday for the past years I have been coming to Limon to do the weekly "shopping" I have walked, driven and practically skimmed every street in this fisherman port and I have arrived to a evidently conclusion that “there is not such a thing as good shopping in Limon” Hey with my NYC shopping experience on my belt, I have found some random stuff hidden underneath piles and piles of junk. I have buried my self in the hidden dark corners of the 20 or so stores that sell crappy stuff too! And …almost always ended up disgusted to the sad reality of over priced crappy junk. And a major lack of “Good Stuff” .

This is actually a very good reality to assume under the new “non-consuming trend” worldwide due to the major financial crisis that we are currently experiencing. Never the less - A girl’s gotta shop when a girl’s gotta shop, right! Lets turn around and make the best of all situations intended and bit this monster with our life earned shopping cruel best arms. Experience, taste and time.

So, I have put all of my good strenuous research and foot work to a better use….A Limon Shopping Blog! with good advice on how to translate from “The world Trends and Chick to The Limon’s reality and cheap! Sound eerie! ( Irie in our world) I know, I will try my best Not to disappoint. But if I do, and anyone out there feel it can add precious and valuable shopping information. We will forever be in debt. Please subscribe and let the games begin.

Together we will turn The dreaded Limon experience a Good experience. Follow me to an intense yet sooooo rewarding journey to the Limon Shops seen through our expert eyes.