Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't say it with words.......Say it with colors

I have no words to share today. I lost a diamond, my car is at the mechanic and planets are in “retrograde”. It seams that Scorpion is showing up around 3pm and to top it all is Friday the 13th a lucky day for some and contrary for other...I rather stay neutral and just in case, brighten up a bit to fill my self with positive energy. Have A fabulous week end...

why be shy? have fun
why be shy? have fun - by gallopinto on

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Listen to the rain...

I needed to understand a little more about the water (rain) we've beet getting since november!

I figure maybe its meaning will help me focuse on a different prespective rather than normal feelings of total deslike, deprivation, wetness, etc. I found various meanings andI hope they will help us all accept it, by keeping this things in mind.

Have a great "wet" day - Don't forget your blaks and focuse on your feminine powers and look to the North...oooh yeap..bring un umbrela!

Rain is liquid precipitation! Rain is the primary source of fresh water for most areas of the world, providing suitable conditions for diverse ecosystems, as well as water for hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation.

When we think of water we associate it with feelings of wetness and coldness. As an element, water is considered yang, or female. Feng Shui associates this element with emotion as well as the wisdom of our souls. We see water every day whether in a glass we’re drinking from, or in oceans, rivers, and even the falling rain.

The color of Water’s is black and its direction north. This is a good time to remind you that Feng Shui literally means “wind” and “water,” so you can see that water is a meaningful element in our lives. Wind is said to disperse chi and water holds it. We are all mostly made up of water, as is the planet we live on.

Water is where life is thought to have originated and it’s important for reproduction, without it it’s difficult for fertilization to take place.

Water is the most plentiful element on the surface of our planet. Our bodies contain more water than anything else. Therefore, it’s obviously extremely important. To work best, water needs to move or flow. Stagnant water breeds rotting things and doesn’t fare well in any environment.

Water in feng shui is usually used in a fountain or aquarium. Even very small decorative fountains for indoors can be very helpful. However, when using water in your environment, keep it fresh and clean.

Five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth):
Listen to the rain
Listen to the rain - by gallopinto on

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pineapple Girl - Bold and Beautiful

...and Thinking on that courageous friend of my daughter I made this collage. Bold and Beautiful just like Eryka Badu. We are the new generation of Black women with courage to be our selves!!!

pineapple girl
pineapple girl - by gallopinto on

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nappy is “In” - hiding is out

My daughter came home yesterday from school and told me a “ Sad Bad Hair Story” – A black girl, friend of hers, wears her hair natural. Their friends asked her to come to school that day with her natural hair out, for she always wears it in braids, I guess!! To everyone’s surprise and my daughters absolute rage, their teacher, also a black woman but with totally relaxed hair and wearing a fake piece of flowing fake curls sliding down to her back, told the girl to do something about her messy nappy hair. She said to relax it and tie it back. Why? Everyone asked. Because we black woman can’t go around looking all messy and crazy looking. Now, this is a Catholic school, all girls must wear their hair proper and neat, meaning nothing fancy. For any white girl this means a simple pony, pig or bunny tails or just loose, but away from the face. Now a black girl with natural nappy hair this means usually relax it to look like the white girl hair and tie it back!!! I don’t think so!

The right thing to do is just as she had done it - tie a wide band in the front to keep it away from her eyes to show her pretty face and than let it’s natural kinkiness stay quiet in back. Nothing messy! Why oh why are black woman so stubbornly and sadly offended by their own natural hair, preferring plastic long hair or relaxed hair, full of chemicals over their vast, kinky natural head of hair. My hat off to this new generation of young “tico” ( Costa Rican) black girls that can stand up and say no more hiding behind what I’m not and embracing the natural Me! – See the new black woman of this century is passing all of that! She stand up and runs for first lady of USA, she stand up and runs for president of Costa Rica, she stands up and sing, model and study with her natural beauty showing freely as saying - I don’t need to pretend to be in order to fit in. I no longer need to hide and be quiet in order to receive acceptance. I am who I am and when you look at me you’ll see generations and generations of black women that needed to hide so I could shine!