Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lets eas into summer

city spring
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I am one that loves colors for my walls but when it come to my wardrobe I shake to the sight of too much color. So I prefer to introduce a basic color to influence me and eas me down to the bright summer. Here it is turquoise. It goes beautiful with that bright metallic blue and it welcomes my grays and blacks with delight. Happy spring time!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Perfect Summer

Summer Fresh
Summer Fresh - by gallopinto on

My list of twelve essentials for the summer

1. The Boyfriend Jeans… is the new trend

2. The white button up shirt… is a must

3. The designer bag… you can’t be without

4. The little black…is for always your best friend

5. The good pair of sunglasses… give you the attitude

6. The ballerinas slippers gray, black beige help…a lot

7. The beach thongs & leather fancy rhinestones ones… are necessary

8. The black button up sweater …can help any cool night

9. The kaki shorts…help you keep it cool

10. The pumps… sexier the better

11. The white tang top… as many as possible

12. A summer cotton dress… is the cherry on top

They say grey is the new black which means accessories should follow the trend as well. If boyfriend’s old jeans are the new trend than lets consider big, bright & the spectrum of blues for our summer bag one that fits your body size, of course! Sunglasses you can either go for a black oversize or of course gray if you dare. Add fun, color and adventure with the flip flops. The pumps must be flexible to your accessories and considered to your bag. To give the infamous little black a rest for change lets try a daring little Gray for our summer dress. Taking all of this in consideration….have fun shopping for your summer essentials!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Old Rendes-vouz in Jamaica

I have been imagining how my summer will be if I was to plan my travel to an old rendes vouz in Jamaica... well this is what I would defenately bring along to impress. I think travel light is a gift and to combine well you garments is the key to success. I forgot to show the perfect suitcase to bring but I will make it a point for next post. Let all your dreams come true.

meet me in jamaica
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Summer Basics

summer basics
summer basics - by gallopinto on

A Sale Worth Attending

One of the only clothing shops of Limon is having a sale. ECONO yeap! Just as it sounds! Is not bad if you like cheap, bad copies of something really ugly? Anyone? Well I did!!! And had fun doing it, Listen just like I always tell my kids –“ It takes skills to shop somewhere were everything is hideous but cheap and come out with something that people will ask – where did you get that? And you of course will respond with a truest of smiles – In my last trip to Paris!!! And they walk away feeling a bit jealous. Never say on sale unless you are making a point. Or never tell a horrid and sad story even if is true. Is a 50% discount. Everything in the shop. I found tube jeans that look like designer jeans in the $100’s my price$10. T shirts for only $5 they look like the Gap or H&M for sure. The girls were stock for they got a bunch of them with the right accessories bottoms and what not they got them selves the beginning of summer wardrobe. I felt triumphant for a day and relieve that their tiny underwear supply was taken care off….for now.

Lets Spend All Day At The Beach

long beach day
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

lets meet again sometime

Lets meet again sometime
Lets meet again sometime - by gallopinto on


El gallo plumón

-Querida Lucía, ¿quieres que te cuente el cuento del gallo pelao?
-Sí, no, sí, no, sí, no.

Y me hace tanta gracia, que te lo cuento.

Érase una vez un gallo que tenía un plumaje tan hermoso, que era conocido como el gallo plumón. El gallo plumón estaba un día tan aburrido que se subió al tejado para ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva. Entonces el viento, que también estaba aburrido, empezó a alborotarse y a soplar fuerte, fuerte alrededor del gallo plumón. Y tan fuerte sopló, que el viento se llevó hacia el norte todas las plumas del gallo plumón. Y así fue como el gallo plumón se convirtió en el gallo pelao. Pero no te preocupes, querida Lucía, esto no fue una desgracia. El gallo plumón, que a partir de aquel momento empezó a ser conocido como el gallo pelao, y que habíamos dejado encima del tejado desplumado y con el pico apuntando al norte, le dio al matrimonio de granjeros que lo criaban la idea de un próspero negocio: la veleta. Y entonces el gallo pelao se convirtió en el personaje más ilustre de su pueblo, y nunca tuvo frío porque la granjera era la mejor tejedora de chalecos de colores de la comarca.

Y colorín colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.