Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Sale Worth Attending

One of the only clothing shops of Limon is having a sale. ECONO yeap! Just as it sounds! Is not bad if you like cheap, bad copies of something really ugly? Anyone? Well I did!!! And had fun doing it, Listen just like I always tell my kids –“ It takes skills to shop somewhere were everything is hideous but cheap and come out with something that people will ask – where did you get that? And you of course will respond with a truest of smiles – In my last trip to Paris!!! And they walk away feeling a bit jealous. Never say on sale unless you are making a point. Or never tell a horrid and sad story even if is true. Is a 50% discount. Everything in the shop. I found tube jeans that look like designer jeans in the $100’s my price$10. T shirts for only $5 they look like the Gap or H&M for sure. The girls were stock for they got a bunch of them with the right accessories bottoms and what not they got them selves the beginning of summer wardrobe. I felt triumphant for a day and relieve that their tiny underwear supply was taken care off….for now.

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