Friday, March 6, 2009

My Perfect Summer

Summer Fresh
Summer Fresh - by gallopinto on

My list of twelve essentials for the summer

1. The Boyfriend Jeans… is the new trend

2. The white button up shirt… is a must

3. The designer bag… you can’t be without

4. The little black…is for always your best friend

5. The good pair of sunglasses… give you the attitude

6. The ballerinas slippers gray, black beige help…a lot

7. The beach thongs & leather fancy rhinestones ones… are necessary

8. The black button up sweater …can help any cool night

9. The kaki shorts…help you keep it cool

10. The pumps… sexier the better

11. The white tang top… as many as possible

12. A summer cotton dress… is the cherry on top

They say grey is the new black which means accessories should follow the trend as well. If boyfriend’s old jeans are the new trend than lets consider big, bright & the spectrum of blues for our summer bag one that fits your body size, of course! Sunglasses you can either go for a black oversize or of course gray if you dare. Add fun, color and adventure with the flip flops. The pumps must be flexible to your accessories and considered to your bag. To give the infamous little black a rest for change lets try a daring little Gray for our summer dress. Taking all of this in consideration….have fun shopping for your summer essentials!

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