Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't be Afraid of Summer Rommance

Is summer!!!!
Here, there and everywhere! I love it!!! Summer colors make me ecstatic! You must take them in and fill your self with them to the core of your soul. My husband is busy at Playa Chiquita Lodge getting ready for the week end. My husband will open "the restaurant" this week end with all his divine food. I will stick to my diet but I would lie if I tell you that I will not sip some wine and enjoy the beach, as well to its fullest. Here is my polyvore to depict my state of mind. Have a wonderful romantic week end. Enjoy life and remember “we are the architects of our life’s” Don't be afraid - Be an artist and enjoy it to its fullest Lv

Gallo Pinto

Don't be Afraid of Summer Romance
Don't be Afraid of Summer Romance - by gallopinto on

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scritching is Not what you do to your enemies!!!!

Free as a bird
Free as a bird - by gallopinto on

To Scritch is to stimulate the scalp by using a comb hence stimulating scalp and hairs.

I will try it, I bet it feels amazing. My general rule in using a comb on my bare scalp to either “scritch/scratch” will not allow me to fully enjoy this treatment as pre cribbed in Mane & Chick however she give an alternate solution which I find fully satisfying “ The use of a satin bonnet or some sort of barrier”

An than follow the next steps:

  • Prep hair with a hair oil (something with rosemary/peppermint essential oils)
  • Gather hair into ponytail at nape of neck
  • Put on satin skull cap, plastic cap (on wet hair or if baggy-ing), or satin bonnet
  • Take a ball-ended paddle brush, my fingers or Jilbere shower comb and scritch like there's no tomorrow: move brush in a zig zag pattern vigourously covering entire head
  • Do this for as long as you can stand. (I do 5-10 minutes DAILY! I try to.)

And as she explains with details its benefits

Scritching has many benefits:

  • Cleanses scalp by exfoliating dandruff, debris and dead cells
  • Remedies hair loss
  • Encourages hair growth

I will start scratching today!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going to the opera on a tuesday afternoon

I am not sure what it is about the opera. It takes you to a dream state of mind. I love the smell of all Theaters, the dim lighting and people excitement. Than the start of the show, whatever it might be. There is the nervousness of the hosts and the expectations of the observer. Than, depending on the connections and the qualities of talents there are those magical moments that make you feel as if you just went somewhere out and beyond.

I love to enjoy a glass of wine afterwards or between, just to stand and breath the moment. Enjoy it to its fullest. A cup of wine never tastes the same anywhere else. When I walk out of the theater I feel taller, straighter, I feel special for I was in a special place. This are the moments when I grin ear to ear. Time stands still and dreams, hopes and wishes are intertwine and made reality...I hope you take a moment to enjoy the Theater, It really is special!!! Make sure you wear your best garments in your wardrobe and don't hold back. Go all out you really are worth it!!

Opera night
Opera night - by gallopinto on