Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scritching is Not what you do to your enemies!!!!

Free as a bird
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To Scritch is to stimulate the scalp by using a comb hence stimulating scalp and hairs.

I will try it, I bet it feels amazing. My general rule in using a comb on my bare scalp to either “scritch/scratch” will not allow me to fully enjoy this treatment as pre cribbed in Mane & Chick however she give an alternate solution which I find fully satisfying “ The use of a satin bonnet or some sort of barrier”

An than follow the next steps:

  • Prep hair with a hair oil (something with rosemary/peppermint essential oils)
  • Gather hair into ponytail at nape of neck
  • Put on satin skull cap, plastic cap (on wet hair or if baggy-ing), or satin bonnet
  • Take a ball-ended paddle brush, my fingers or Jilbere shower comb and scritch like there's no tomorrow: move brush in a zig zag pattern vigourously covering entire head
  • Do this for as long as you can stand. (I do 5-10 minutes DAILY! I try to.)

And as she explains with details its benefits

Scritching has many benefits:

  • Cleanses scalp by exfoliating dandruff, debris and dead cells
  • Remedies hair loss
  • Encourages hair growth

I will start scratching today!!!

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