Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going to the opera on a tuesday afternoon

I am not sure what it is about the opera. It takes you to a dream state of mind. I love the smell of all Theaters, the dim lighting and people excitement. Than the start of the show, whatever it might be. There is the nervousness of the hosts and the expectations of the observer. Than, depending on the connections and the qualities of talents there are those magical moments that make you feel as if you just went somewhere out and beyond.

I love to enjoy a glass of wine afterwards or between, just to stand and breath the moment. Enjoy it to its fullest. A cup of wine never tastes the same anywhere else. When I walk out of the theater I feel taller, straighter, I feel special for I was in a special place. This are the moments when I grin ear to ear. Time stands still and dreams, hopes and wishes are intertwine and made reality...I hope you take a moment to enjoy the Theater, It really is special!!! Make sure you wear your best garments in your wardrobe and don't hold back. Go all out you really are worth it!!

Opera night
Opera night - by gallopinto on

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