Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dear Friend Army Wife ♥

This set is special to me. For making a set for someone is never easy! Is just as complicated as buying cloths for someone is always a disaster. Never the less "My Dear Army Wife friend in Polyvore is a fun person. But best of all she sounds like a delightful woman that puts love in all she does!! A friend of mine once told me her secret to buying cloths for someone else is A) when you don't know exactly what they like or want, buy accessories! With accessories you can have fun and buy things that would never wear but probably can use for decoration or maybe just maybe add a special touch to an outfit one day!!B) Pay attention and hear what she needs more than giving her the perfect dress give her the white stockings to go with it, know what a mean!! Well this is what I did with NiKki ★JNP587★ I made her a set that made me think about her!! The army, the blues, the sexy boot and jeans to be confi in. I really hope she likes it!!! Aurevoir a tous

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